PRIV - Using a media card

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Using a media card

Get more space to store your ringtones, videos, pictures, songs, and more when you insert a microSD card into your device.

By using a media card, you can expand your device's storage space by up to 2 TB. Using a media card can also help

increase the performance and power efficiency of your device, and can allow you to transfer your data from your current

device to another device that supports media card transfers.
To use a media card with a capacity greater than 32 GB, you must download Microsoft exFAT Technology for BlackBerry to

install the driver. A notification appears when you insert the media card into your device. Make sure that you are connected

to the Internet, and then tap the notification to download the driver.
A Class 10 card or faster is required to record videos in Ultra HD (4K).

Learn how to insert a media card.