PRIV - Improving your security settings using DTEK

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Improving your security settings using DTEK

The DTEK by BlackBerry app is designed to help you monitor and control the level of security on your BlackBerry device.

DTEK is preloaded on your device, and updates are available from the Google Play


Evaluating how security features are set up on your device

DTEK evaluates how or if you have set up security features on your device, including screen lock, factory reset protection,
and remote device management.
DTEK assigns an overall security rating to your device along with a rating for each of the security features that it monitors. If
a security feature receives a poor or fair rating, DTEK recommends how you can improve your security settings to achieve a
better rating.

Monitoring how apps access your data

DTEK lets you see and control which third-party apps use features on your device to access your info. DTEK doesn't
monitor preloaded apps or apps that your administrator might push to your device if you use your device for work.
DTEK monitors apps that:

• Take a picture or video using the camera
• Read, create, edit, or delete a contact
• Access the location of your device
• Send a text message (SMS or MMS) from your device
• Turn the microphone on or off

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