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About app permissions

When you download an app that is designed for Android

6.0 or later, you can install the app on your device without

accepting any app permissions. When you use the app, the app prompts you for permission to access certain data or

features on your device before it completes an action. For example, if the BlackBerry Hub wants to access your contacts,

you can allow or deny the permission request.
You can also turn a permission on or off at any time, although some features of the app might not be available. In some

cases, turning off a permission can prevent the app from working properly, or the app might not work at all. For example, if

you turn off microphone access for the BlackBerry Keyboard, the voice dictation feature doesn't work. If you turn off

camera access for the BlackBerry Camera, the app doesn't work at all.
When you download an app designed for an earlier version of the Android

OS, you must accept all permissions before you

can successfully install the app. If you install the app, and then later don't want the app to have access to a permission,

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turning off a permission stops the app from working correctly. If you don't want the app to have access to a permission, you

should uninstall the app from your device.